Welcome to Brass Music Orchestra „Hahnbacher Marktbläser“!

hmb_logoA proudly walking cock above lyre-claves is looking out of the arms of brass music orchestra „Hahnbacher Marktbläser“. It is a metaphor that describes the orchestra’s character: active, animated, amusing.

Hahnbach is a small idyllic village, located one hour by car in the east of Nuremberg (famous Christmas market) and two hours in the north of Munich. About 50 young and older people from Hahnbach and villages around play several woodwind and brass instruments. Next to their jobs as pupils, students or professional all musicians play with great passion. The Hahnbacher Marktbläser perform on public festivals, cultural events, concerts totally natural and without any technical assistance.

Orchester vor Amberger TorThe Hahnbacher Marktbläser is a very animated group. You can hear them as well in small ensembles (e.g. as brass-quintet) as well as a full orchestra with their conductor Benno Engelhardt. The orchestra’s repertoire includes traditional Bavarian brass music and modern compositions.

Their music has already led the Hahnbacher Marktbläser to concert tours in Germany, in Europe and South Africa. By exchanging with people from different countries and cultures the musicians enlarge their musical repertoire and get new friends from all over the world. While this concert tour to Korea in September 2014 the Hahnbacher Marktbläser are entering Asian ground for the first time. They are very snoopy in terms of Korean cultures, music and people.

More impressions and sounds you can see and hear on this youtube-playlist.